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Haddow Aird & Crerar

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In 1881 the cornerstone was laid for a Nottingham Lace Factory, in Brown Street Newmilns, which was to become synonymous with innovation and quality. This is when Haddow, Aird & Crerar Ltd was born and to this day still continues to innovate and produce gorgeous designs.

In the 1900's HAC introduced Sharkstooth and Leno Filled Screencloth into its portfolio of fabrics and later with Square Gauze and Tiger Net fabrics. 



"Sharkstooth Scrim fabric is used with various lighting angles, from the front and back, transforming stages into zones of illusion and magic appearing opaque or bleedthrough when certain techniques are applied."

Taken from the HAC Website


"Leno is a filled scrim with a soft textured appearance which diffuses and balances light. They are used as Cycloramas and bounce backdrops which utilise the aesthetic qualities for projecting visual lighting effects. It can also be used un-dyed for painting scenery, ideal for travelling shows where sets need to be folded to transport as the wrinkles fall out after being re-hung."

Taken from the HAC Website

Tiger Net

"Tiger Net is a large mesh tulle which can be used over large areas for lighting effects as well as covering roof spaces and orchestra pits protecting audiences and musicians by reducing the risk from falling items from staging and ceiling areas"

Taken from the HAC Website

Square Gauze

"Square Gauze in the Theatre is used to increase the depth of field on stage. It is often used in conjunction with Sharkstooth to prevent a moire pattern being created which can happen when two similar transparent patterns are used in front of one another. It is also used to cover sprinkler systems plus ceiling heating ducts as it masks exhibition hall ceilings while ensuring the operational effectiveness of the equipment is not compromised."

Taken from the HAC Website


For more information on the amazing work that Haddow Aird & Crerar do you can visit their website here.