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Snippets from Love Newmilns online

We've gathered a selection of posts here - these are what got our Facebook family bantering.

"...Looking forward to reading the stories. Came back for a visit to Newmilns in April for the first time in nearly 40 years (left for Oz in '73, one visit in '80) and it still felt like home." 

by Anne Lynn Haswell, July 2014

"...One of my first memories is of standing at Toni's shop on the corner of Campbell Street waving my little flag as the Queen of Tonga went by, I was probably too young to even know who she was." 

by Lyn Robertson, July 2014

"...Loved when mum bought me new shoes. Annie Pollock always wrapped them in Brown paper and tied with string . Lovely lady." 

by Elaine Ferrie, July 2014

"...I remember David Mitchell (?),the cobbler from up near the Crown, putting me up in the luggage rack for part of the journey. An early form of restraining order. I must have been getting excited about all the streamers and cakes when we arrived at Ayr.." 

by Tommy Minto (talking about the Co-operative Gala Day), July 2014

"...Anybody remember Perry's van in the 50's when it would drive into an area and he'd honk his horn? All the kids would be begging their moms and dads for pennies and threepence. Always loved a Jubbly. Remember Barratt's Sherbet Fountains and Lucky Tatties...." 

by Stuart McKinnon, July 2014