Newmilns Regeneration Association


Newmilns, a Scottish town in Loudoun parish Ayrshire, lies 250 feet above sea-level on the right bank of the river Irvine.


Newmilns and Greenholm is the oldest burgh in East Ayrshire. It lies on the A71, around seven miles east of Kilmarnock and twenty-five miles southwest of Glasgow.


The current population is around 2,925 and has decreased approximately 7.6% over the last 10 years.  The percentage of children and working age adults has decreased, whilst the percentage of people of pensionable age has increased.


Newmilns has a slightly lower level of owner occupied housing (56.9%) than the East Ayrshire (58.7%) and Scotland average (62.6%).  As a result, the area reports a higher level of local authority and private renting. Newmilns is an area with a high turnover of Council Housing and Registered Social Housing due to the volume of flatted properties.

Newmilns has a high level of flats, both local authority and private. A high percentage of these are currently lying empty. The local authority has planning permission to convert a small number of these into 2 or 3 bedroom houses.

Trust Housing and Hanover Housing provide housing & care for elderly people. There has been very little housing development over the last 30 years, and there is a need for more family sized homes.