Newmilns Regeneration Association
Newmilns Regeneration Association


These are the main strategies and priorities identified by the local community in surveys, interviews and profile and prioritised at the Community Event. 

Theme 4: Housing and Anti-Social Behaviour 

There is huge concern about properties that are held by private landlords for renting, not being properly maintained. This is adding to the deterioration in the look of the town, and is also affecting community pride in the area. Moreover there is a great deal of concern about how Council housing is allocated, with a widely held view that Newmilns is becoming a “dumping ground” for undesirable tenants from other areas. In turn, this is leading to concerns for community safety and a perception of increasing drug use and dealing in the area.

Main priorities:

  • More police and security measures
  • Properties properly maintained by private landlords
  • Housing development & allocation