Newmilns Regeneration Association


These are the main strategies and priorities identified by the local community in surveys, interviews and profile and prioritised at the Community Event.  

Theme 2: Appearance and Environmental Improvements

The look of Newmilns has deteriorated over the years from a bright, bustling, cared for town to a down at heel, dilapidated place with buildings lying empty, litter and vacant plots. The top priority is to deal with the derelict buildings, although we recognise this may be a long drawn out task. A more immediate result may be achieved by carrying out community clean ups, and looking at ways to brighten the streets with gardens, allotments and floral enhancements.

Newmilns is well served with open spaces, parks and recreation areas, with paths in the town and heading out into the countryside. However, these are also in need of improved maintenance, and signage to ensure that they are used to their full potential.

Main priorities

  • Derelict buildings
  • Clean up of the community
  • Gardens & flowers
  • Recreation areas and paths