Newmilns Regeneration Association


Newmilns Community Action Plan Steering Group: Bringing together community groups, businesses and residents of Newmilns.


Newmilns Regeneration Association is made up of of a small group of dedicated individuals and supported by the wider community - helping make Newmilns a better place to live.

Chair – Marie Johnson 
Vice Chair – Bobby Kelly 
Secretary – Eileen Kelly 
Treasurer – Audrey Keirs 

Charity Trustee Members – Marie Johnson, Eileen Kelly, Audrey Keirs, Bobby Kelly, John Sharp, Anne Dickie, Gordon McDonald, Shirley Wallace, Chelsey Paton, Carol Cooper, Graham Vincent, Una Hunter, Graham Winning, Laura Sasse, Beth Lowe, Graeme Winning & Bob Astill.

Committee Members – John McKenzie, Jim Scott, Lesley Hume, Margaret McDonald, Linda Brown, Edna McElroy, Felicity Clifford, Evelyn Crawford, Chris Hannah, Ashley Mair, Tina Campbell, Robert Gordon, Elma Copland, Craig Miller, Stacey Miller, Gillian Scade, Elena Whitham, Lorna Graham and Tam Hamilton.

Council Liaison - Louise Hughes (Main Contact) & Suzanne Brodie - East Ayrshire Council (Vibrant Communities)

Additional Contributers

We welcome community involvement and would like to thank everyone who has volunteered and contributed in any way to this project.

With thanks to

We are grateful for funding from Ayrshire Leader through the Ayrshire 21 programme which assisted 21 communities across rural Ayrshire to prepare Community Action Plans and from East Ayrshire Council

Specialist training, mentoring and support was provided by the STAR Development Group in carrying out the community engagement process and in preparing the Community Action Plan.

The Love Newmilns brand and website design was provided by Mad About Design, Newmilns and built by Website Design Glasgow. 

Last, but not least, we'd like to extend a big thank you to our advertisers. Thank you for supporting this project, the Association, and most of all - the town.